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A grounded and clear growth plan is vital for every organization, but, all too often, strategic planning efforts fall short. Plans are overly academic, or disconnected from what it will take to convert them into actual results. Plans lack the buy-in and understanding from the broader organization necessary for effective execution.


Our approach is designed to avoid those pitfalls. By focusing equally on rigor, engagement, and ownership, we help organizations tap into the strategic knowledge – about markets, customers, challenges, and strengths – necessary to make smart decisions on their future. We partner closely with internal teams to shape opportunities and translate them into strategic priorities, and we focus on both strategy and execution, so that clients’ plans are both ambitious and actionable.


What Our Clients Say

“Schaffer’s meticulous approach to problem-solving and engaging with multiple leadership levels ensures thorough opportunity assessment, impactful strategic decisions and organizational success.”

Steve Pogorzelski Operating Partner The Riverside Company

“The team at Schaffer was a catalyst in helping our leadership team come together and develop a coherent growth plan. Their approach, coaching, and expertise enabled us to define the “why” behind the “what,” and also the “how.”

Jay Martin Chief Executive Officer ToolWatch Corporation

Developing a Strategic Plan to Accelerate Growth
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Developing a Strategic Plan to Accelerate Growth

Schaffer’s approach generates powerful strategic plans with full organizational alignment