Case Study - Strategy

Developing a Strategic Plan to Accelerate Growth in a Cloud Based Business Services Platform

Schaffer’s approach generates powerful strategic plans with full organizational alignment

Our client, a private equity firm, engaged Schaffer to work with one of their portfolio companies to develop a comprehensive growth plan.  The company was the result of two initial acquisitions of technology providers in the construction sector.

Rigorous Growth Planning

Schaffer partnered with the leadership team to undertake a thorough process of assessing potential sources of growth as well as aligning around the organization’s key assets, strengths and gaps. 

The leadership team was comprised of leaders from both organizations

Engaging the Organization

The process was organized around a series of workshops and small working teams that engaged the top three levels of the organization.  Numerous opportunities to drive growth and performance were evaluated by internal working teams with Schaffer’s support.  Each opportunity was rigorously assessed based on both external factors and the capabilities that the organization would need to successfully execute against them. 

These internal working teams were comprised of members from each of the two acquitted companies.  This ensured that the plans reflected diverse viewpoints, and helped them form into one cohesive management team.

Strategy Linked to Execution.

To ensure that the growth plan was actionable, teams translated each of the prioritized growth priorities into strategic initiatives, with clear accountabilities, impact and targets.