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For 60 years, Schaffer’s unique approach has unlocked clients’ potential to achieve exceptional results.


We work with leaders and their teams to develop plans that drive growth. Our approach fully engages the organization, resulting in plans that are ambitious, rigorous, and actionable. Learn More


We leverage rapid cycle projects to generate immediate impact, tap into hidden capacity, and build momentum to drive major change. Learn More


We advise and coach CEOs, leadership teams, and Boards of Directors on navigating the challenges facing their organizations. Learn More
What Our Clients Say

“I wouldn’t call them a consulting firm… they’re a results firm. ”

Patrick O’Sullivan Chairman of the Board (retired) Old Mutual Group, Saga plc

“Schaffer Consulting helps implement real change by ensuring that clients own their projects, achieve measurable results, and develop capacity to sustain progress.”

James D. Wolfensohn Former President The World Bank


Unlocking Potential

Every organization has untapped capacity to create breakthroughs in growth and performance. Our consulting approach is designed to unlock the reserves of knowledge, innovation and energy present in every organization to generate step change improvements in results and impact.

What We Do

Results & Impact

Engagements are organized to deliver major, measurable results and impact that go well beyond what the organization thinks is achievable.

Building Capabilities

Our work focuses on building organizational ‘muscle’ – transforming teams as they learn what it takes to execute on major priorities and successfully navigate their futures.


We fully engage client teams in understanding the issues they face and developing the path to address those challenges. Our approach ensures clients “own” the work, generating change that is sustainable.

Seasoned Consultants

We bring decades of experience and a willingness to adapt our approach to our clients specific needs so that our efforts will have the greatest impact.