Case Study - WorkOut


Designed to solve complex business challenges quickly and decisively

Leverage GE’s famous change management tool for effective large group business transformation

People who are closest to the work know the work best. WorkOut is a cross-functional event that solicits innovative ideas from those people, and immediately turns those ideas into actions that drive results.

Schaffer Consulting collaborated with GE and Jack Welch to develop the original WorkOut methodology in the mid-1980s. Now almost 40 years later, WorkOut continues to be a highly effective core methodology in our unique approach to high-impact consulting.

WorkOut sets the stage for organizations to tackle large, complex business problems quickly and decisively. It is a large-scale transformation event that brings together diverse teams from various business functions and levels to collaboratively address a critical business issue. Over the course of a day or two, the teams develop recommendations for making measurable improvements toward a well-defined, ambitious performance goal or objective. Those recommendations are presented to senior leaders who make on the spot yes or no decisions. Teams are then empowered to implement the recommendations and are expected to deliver tangible, measurable results in 100 days or less.

WorkOut accelerates the pace of change by cutting through bureaucracy and promoting innovative thinking and bold decision making. It aligns the organization cross functionally to work collaboratively toward major results improvement. Most importantly, it mobilizes organizations to take immediate action toward generating needed results and major organization change.

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